Dupret Y Compañia Ltda les desea la bienvenida !
Welcome to Dupret Y Compañia Ltda !
Our company is a chilean company focused  on supplying the best quality Snail Secretion at competitive price, with respect to the animal life and wellness .
The team is compounded by persons specialized in different areas as bio-tecnology, export and logistics.
We have experience in producing and exporting Snail Secretion and its sub-products in many different markets
as EC, USA, Eastern Asia, Africa, etc.
The members of our company share the following principles:
Our Snail Secretion is a Superior Quality Snail Secretion.
We don't mix our Snail Secretion with other component. It is unfair!
Due attention is paid in international standard in the production process.
The Snail Secretion is offered at a competitive price for a Premium product.
In our opinion, a company can grow doing business with reasonnable margin of benefits.
We have observed "extravagant" margin of benefits in some competitors.
We are aware that building partnership helps us to provide the best goods and services.
For that reason our company develop that kind of cooperation with mutual benefits.
The exporting process involves sometimes challenges.
So we try to find solutions when it occurs.
These challenges are faced with  reflexion, determination and creativity.