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Why to use snail secretion?

Snail secretion is a natural substance secreted by the snails that helps - amongst other-  to regenerate its own skin and shell.

But snail secretion is also a wonderfull gift of the Nature for all of us.

It contains naturally a lot of components that help to eliminate dead cells of the skin, regenerate them, decrease the appearence of the wrinkles and avoid premature skin aging, fight the acne and reduce the acne scars, restore skin elasticity, etc.


The natural components of the snail secretion are:


  • Collagen;

  • Hyaluronic acids

  • Allantoin;

  • Elastin;

  • Glycolic acids;

  • Antioxydants;

  • Proteins;

  • Etc.


The use of the Snail Secretion in cosmetical field is wide.


Our clients have used it to develop the following products:


  • Cream;

  • Gel;

  • Serum;

  • Soap;

  • Mask;

  • Eyelash treatment;

  • After Shave;

  • After Sun;

  • Etc.


Our team is absolutely convinced that Snail Secretion is an excellent alternative in a cosmetical formulation due to the growing preference of people in using natural components!

We appreciate your business!